• Look and Feel Years Younger
• Go Thru Menopause With Less Symptoms Of Feeling Depressed, Anxiety, Poor Muscle Tone, Gaining Weight, Loss Of Bone Mass, etc..
• Lose Body Fat and Gain Toned shapely Muscles
• Increase Strength, Power. Agility and Flexibility
• Relieve Stress and Gain Self Confidence
• Learn Exactly What, When and How to Maximize Fat Lose
• Lower Risk For Heart Disease and Osteoporosis
Through Your Very Own Personalized Weight Training and Nutrition Program You Can…

Your Life Depends on It….

I am very confident that with your own personal weight -training program and nutrition plan, I can get you to where you want to be.
I have a full gym in my home and I work one on one with you for the whole hour. So there is never a need for you to feel uncomfortable being around other people. I am not like a gym where you have everyone watching you and I do not have to share my weights and cardio machines. There is no wasting time looking for equipment. As the saying goes, "Time is Money".
I also do group classes for those who like to socialize. My classes are small so they are personalized just like my one on one training sessions. I personally watch and go around making sure your form is correct.