I am proud to say I am 52 years old. With the help of weight training, cardio and the proper nutrition I feel years younger. I became a personal trainer because I LOVE to help people. I know what it's like to struggle with food. I have done it since I was a teenager. But with the proper nutrition and exercise/weight training program you can look and feel better about yourself. I am very confident that with your own personal weight -training program and nutrition plan, I can get you to where you want to be.I have a full gym in my home and I work one on one with you for the whole hour. So there is never a need for you to feel uncomfortable being around other people. I am not like a gym where you have everyone watching you and I do not have to share my weights and cardio machines. There is no wasting time looking for equipment. As the saying goes, "Time is Money".

I also do group classes for those who like to socialize. My classes are small so they are personalized just like my one on one training sessions. I personally watch and go around making sure your form is correct. I will give you a food plans and recipes to help you maintain or lose weight. You can also e-mail me what you eat so I can evaluate and tell you what you doing right or wrong. I do all of this free of charge. It's important to me that you eat properly. With the proper nutrition you will feel a hundred times better and then adding the exercise program you will be off the charts.
I train all ages from teenagers to the elderly. Male or female, it does not matter. I am equipped and have the knowledge to handle everyone. I am very confident that with your own personal weight -training program and nutrition plan, I can get you to where you want to be.

Customer Testimonials

"I needed a change desperately! Then an Angel….literally, came my way. I meet Angel after I responded to her flyer after months of total frustration trying to re-gain my pre-baby figure. Her warmth was received instantaneously. I quickly signed up for private lessons and have absolutely no regrets. She is wonderfully patient and accommodating, pushes me just when I need it, and encourages me not only in person but during the week! In less than a month I noticed the results! With her food plan and suggested menus, work-out schedule and tips anyone who joins her will gain a lifetime of knowledge!"
-Elina Monroe, Esq.

"I have been going to Angel's classes several times through the week to gain strength. Especially now since my mom is bedridden I needed to gain upper body strength Her workouts turned out to be amazing and anyone can follow her. She has a whole array of weights, mats, jump ropes, and exercise balls for everyone. Not to mention the added bonus of working outside when the weather permits is exhilarating. You really do get more motivated in that kind of environment and Angel goes out of her way to give all her clients her individual attention. As an added bonus Angel is also has a lot of knowledge on nutrition and gives out easy and delicious recipes for anyone who asks. It feels great to know your taking care of your body and in turn your mind. Her classes are a great stress reliever. As a caretaker you need to relieve that stress and Angel's classes are a Godsend to me. She also has Zumba and I tried it for the first time, I just loved, loved, and loved it!!!! You just dance to the Latin beat and get the best workout ever...so much fun too. She has added a Yoga class and I can't wait to try that Thinking of seriously quitting LA Fitness cause I feel like I'm getting a better workout and better results with her classes."

-Ann Genovese

"Angels classes are so much fun. You meet people who like myself are beginning a long journey to stay healthy and get in shape. We have women who have been working out for years and also a few have never even taken a class. Angel will go around to each one of us and make sure we are doing the exercise correctly. This is so important. When I would work out alone I was doing all the exercises the wrong way. My form was totally off. You see a big difference this time around. Angel makes you feel that no matter how old or how much you need to loose, it is possible. Come join the fun with us!"
-Jen Wilson

"In just a few short weeks "Angel Fitness" has been a fun, challenging and rewarding experience. Angel takes the time to understand your individual needs and abilities and works a program accordingly. Angel shows you how to get the results your looking for. "
-Karen G